A skilled crew
at your disposal

  • Development
  • API Integration
  • Cloud App
  • Front & Back end
  • Native Application
  • Strategy
  • User Journey
  • User flow
  • User research
  • CSM
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing performance
  • UX & Customer
  • Web & Mobile UI
  • UX Design
  • Ecommerce
  • User testing
  • Wireframing
  • Hifi Prototype
  • Brand comunication

This is Mutiny

Mutiny's Crew

We are a Cloud-Based Crew of 20+ mutineers, meet our officers



BU Manager






Devops & Backend



Full-stack Dev



Sales and Marketing

Mutiny is CHOICE We opt for our job every single day. We choose to create something new because we love doing it. We choose daily to dedicate ourselves to our clients.
SEO Manager
Mutiny means FREEDOM, and that’s important for me. There are no hierarchies. Each team member is an important part of Mutiny. We all contribute with our specific skills to create something fresh and innovative.
All Mutiny Member
DEVELOPMENT is Mutiny’s middle name. We are still devising Mutiny by our work. Every single project we select adds a brick to our identity.
BU Manager
TRUST: this’s my Mutiny No schedule, no workplace. It's always a good time to work. What matters is the outcome.
Junior Frontend Developer
Mutiny follows an UNTRAVELED ROAD We’re looking for new perspectives. Everything is ment to find a unique and amazing way to turn a jumbo issue into an easy peasy solution.
Mutiny is AMBITIOUS, and I’m in. I feed myself with a grand project. Every day Mutiny drives me closer to my aim.
Full Stack Developer
Mutiny is my DOUBLE-DREAM Mutiny is the sea between what we’ve already known and what we’ll learn tomorrow. It’s a long-term journey, a future idea that shows us the way and the ultimate goal of our work choices.
Marketing & Sales
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